Arq. Eduardo Brenes Wittenberger

Arq. Eduardo Brenes Wittenberger


Got his Degree in Architecture at Uruguay’s State University in 1986.

Jointly with Juan H. Sanguinetti (Civil Engineer H.S., MSc. Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructures) and T.S. Horacio A. Brenes, he is co-founding partner at Brenes Consultores. The consultancy specializes in plumbing refurbishment projects, hydraulics, fire-fighting and environmental management.

Project manager in plumbing projects, including irrigation, gas and fire protection systems and waste waters management. Design, building work supervision, management, pathology detection in networks and systems.

Has been a professor since 1986 and is currently Head professor for Plumbing Systems set up and refurbishment at the Architecture School (4th Degree, Uruguay’s State University).